Wednesday, April 2

Opening Kick-off Reception at one of Asheville’s Renowned Micro Breweries

Thursday, April 3

A day full of amazing keynotes, panels and break out sessions that will inspire, challenge and engage you.

Real Leaders 100 Gala.  The Mo Summit is where the Real Leaders 100 ranking will be celebrated and the top 100 impact companies in North America will be honored.

Friday, April 4

Five CEOs will be workshopping their current challenges.  These hands-on sessions will be led by experienced CEOs and facilitators who have “been there and done that” experience.  The topics covered in this “case study” format will include:

·  How to balance mission and profit maximization directives when they come in conflict,

·  How to raise mission-driven capital (the right way) across the various stages of your company’s life cycle,

·  How to deal with a partner or key employee who can’t be part of taking the company to the next level,

·  How to embed impact into the DNA of your company,

·  How to bring on talent when your hair is on fire.