Bridgit Lombard – The Mountain

The Mountain Chairwoman and 4X CEO

Bridgit has always had a passion – and prowess – for social enterprise, believing deeply that consciousness is essential to healthy capitalism. Today, she brings that energy and expertise to businesses around the globe, helping to ensure that companies that are doing good are also doing well.

Bridgit has successfully grown, run and sold four businesses (two she joined, two she started), including Penguin Brands and Nathan Sports, where she led business operations across 47 countries and drove a 35.3% annual CAGR five years straight. Her ability to develop a sustainable and transparent supply chain and drive growth highlight her unique approach to building high growth organizations that lead with responsible business practices.

Before this, Bridgit instituted values-based business practices at MetLife, Clear Channel Communications, and Deloitte, where she was responsible for leading the growth strategies for brands like Sony, Diageo, Zara, and Top Shop, amongst others.

Today, as Executive Chairwoman of The Mountain, a middle-market sustainable apparel manufacturer, Bridgit has led a company-wide turnaround in less than a year. Her ability to stabilize the business, build best practices and financial controls, attract top talent, and identify growth areas has helped reposition the 25-year old business into a valuable growth platform.

All the more impressive is that Bridgit has guided this turnaround while simultaneously applying her energy and passion to help develop sustainable conservation models in Eastern Africa; pioneer a fund for girls’ education in Kenya; build her own impact investment/health and wellness portfolio; study with His Holiness the Dalai Lama regarding conscious leadership; and mentor women entrepreneurs.

Bridgit’s momentum, and the values driving it, have earned her the 2013 Sporting Goods Business 40 Under 40 award, and the 2015 Leader of Innovation Medal from Philadelphia University. She has also been regularly featured as a growth expert for Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and ACG, amongst others.

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