Clark Harris – LoLo


Launched, LoLo: Which stands for Loyal Locals, is a local stimulus platform that encourages people to spend their money at locally-owned, independent businesses. LoLo provides (1) a card-linked, coalition loyalty program that rewards consumers each time they spend money at participating locations and (2) a gift platform that delivers a local alternative to buying prepaid gift cards from the chains. Equipped with a broad knowledge of hurdles facing new businesses as well as Software as a Service products.

Also created the Social Media Experiment, a no-talking fundraiser for cancer that was the first of its kind. Fighting the good fight against cancer and trying to offer support to those it affects.

Specialties: Technology start-ups, small business operations/management, capital fundraising, social media, real-time promotion and non-profit fund-raising.

My Sessions

Panel 4: Startup Spotlight – Wisdom From the Trenches

Some would argue that failure is the process of learning how to succeed. Hear these entrepreneurs sharing their journeys and their wisdom and lessons learned distilled from their experience.