David Kahl – Fully


In 2000, David Kahl was an M&A executive in New York City who was working long hours at a static desk with an old school office chair. When he started noticing stiffness, an aching back and bad posture in his 30’s, he switched to a little-known Norwegian task chair called Capisco. After the switch, David noticed that not only did he feel better, but he was sleeping better and found it easier to focus and be present.

After the events of 9/11, and disillusioned with Wall Street, David set out to build a socially-conscious business around active seating and healthy workspaces. He built a website centered around products like Capisco, that would enable people to connect more fully with themselves, and Fully was born. Fast forward 15 years, and Portland-based Fully is disrupting the furniture industry by designing innovative, movement-inspired products like the Jarvis standing desk and Tic Toc stool, and selling directly to businesses and consumers without a dealer network.

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