Justin Belleme – JB Media Group

Founder & Director of Strategy

Justin launched JB Media Group in 2011, building on his individual success providing online marketing strategy, consulting and implementation for area clients. Today he leads our fast growing agency and our sister company JB Media Institute.

My Sessions

Panel 3: It Takes a Village

There are a growing number of mission-aligned service providers such as banks, law firms, digital media firms, and wealth managers. Hear from experienced practitioners on how to evaluate third-party providers to ensure you pick the best fit.


Panel 5: Acquiring Cutomers and Creating Brand Evangelists

Simon Sinek has said customers buy why you do something not what you do. How should high-impact companies think about gaining customers? Is it different than for traditional companies? This panel will explore strategies on how impact companies are different and similar when compared to their traditional counterparts in attracting and expanding their customer base.