Matt O’Hayer – Vital Farms

Founder & CEO - Fastest Growing Food/Bev Company Inc 500

Matt O’Hayer started Vital Farms in 2007 with 20 Rhode Island Red hens. From there, he set out to prove that it is possible to produce the highest quality food in an environmentally responsible manner from humanely treated animals on a commercial scale. Matt’s company, Vital Farms, produces pasture raised eggs from birds that live outdoors on fresh grass via 55 family farms located throughout the warmer southern states. The eggs are sold at Whole Foods Market nationwide as well as a host of other natural and conventional grocery and food service outlets. In addition to being a chicken whisperer, Matt is a USCG Master Captain, an accomplished chef, a rescue diver, and has been an instrument pilot for over 35 years.

Fastest Growing Food/Bev Company Inc 500

Panel 2: Hiring Great Talent as Passionate as You Are

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