Melanie Dulbecco – Torani


Midmarket Entrepreneurship | B2B and Consumer |
Values-Based Growth and Innovation | Stanford MBA

Melanie Dulbecco’s mantra is “Grow, baby, grow!” That’s what she’s done for over 20 years as Torani’s first outside CEO. Torani, the family-owned maker of cafĂ© flavors and creative beverage products, has averaged 25% year-over-year revenue growth in the last two decades, and expanded distribution across the U.S. and to over 50 countries, from Korea to Norway.

Unconventional in her approach, she blends small company agility with big company methodologies for breakthrough innovation and growth at this nearly 90-year-old company.

She’s at home in all parts of the business, whether it’s diving deep into brand discussions with marketing and sales, hashing out plans with finance to fuel the company’s hyper growth, taste-testing every new flavor in the R&D lab, or walking the production floor. And whether it’s joining Torani’s flash mob at San Francisco’s North Beach Parade, or creating random acts of flavor in the office or the community, she’s all in.

Early in her career, she fell in love with bold visioning and strategic road-mapping as a way to grow companies with their own team members’ engagement. She puts this experience to work as she builds teams and inspires the company with a shared vision. Her focus has been on building a lasting business with a palpable company culture, strong partnerships, and “wow” products.

Melanie loves that the company’s products help people to connect — in coffee cafes, restaurants, and homes around the globe. She believes creating drinks with Torani products gives the world a reason to share a moment of joy with family and friends. She is deeply committed to building an organization that creates value and positive impact for all stakeholders, including team members, partners, customers, shareholders, and the community.

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